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CO²RE™ Laser Fractional CO² Resurfacing

CO2RE is a fractional therapy CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. Your skin is treated with a matrix of laser light points that vary in intensity, depending on your skin type and desired treatment results.
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CO2 laser resurfacing holds the power to rejuvenate your skin from the ground up. This powerful treatment corrects all concerns, including scarring, pigmentation, and all signs of skin aging. 

The CO²RE™ Laser Fractional CO² Resurfacing system is the most powerful targeted tool in our arsenal at Discovery Laser. This laser system resurfaces the skin with precision, using a matrix of light points with varying intensities, to suit the needs of different skin types and imperfections. 

We can treat your skin with full control, whether you’re interested in light and gentle fractional laser, deeply corrective, fully ablative laser, or a hybrid treatment. If you’re interested in CO2 laser in Vancouver Island, Discovery Laser is your Campbell River destination for an age-defying transformation.  


What Does CO2 Laser Do? 

Compared to other lasers, CO2 laser is one of the most intensive skin treatment options. It works through targeted heating to induce tissue coagulation, boost cell proliferation, and increase collagen and elastin production in the skin. At the same time, it removes several layers of skin through ablation. 

In other words, it gets rid of all damaged skin while stimulating faster regeneration at the lower layers, resulting in a major transformation. The level of depth to which it impacts the skin depends on the specific concerns addressed, the client’s skin type and level of comfort. 


CO2 Laser Treatment Options

The CO2RE system has four CO2 laser resurfacing modes: Light, Mid, Deep, and Fusion. The names signify the different levels of penetration and invasiveness. 

Light is the mildest, offering a resurfacing of the epidermis, to address fine lines and surface concerns. The mid is slightly more intense, while deep is our most invasive option. Deep mode totally firms, smooths, and clears the skin, fading all major concerns including deep folds, persistent hyperpigmentation, and scarring. 

Finally, the Fusion mode combines multiple treatment depths. At Discovery Laser, our providers will recommend the specific treatment mode based on your key concerns during your consultation. 


CO2 Laser Before and After 

The difference before and after CO2 laser is night and day, but the treatment does come with some important precautions. Before your CO2 laser treatment, it’s important to avoid sun exposure and tanning. You may need to stop using medications or topical treatments that can cause photosensitivity.  

After the treatment, the skin will take a while to recover, and you’ll likely experience visible peeling. It’s common to have side effects such as scabbing and swelling, especially when treating tougher concerns. It can take up to two weeks after your CO2 laser treatment to recover. You can use a fan to reduce any post-treatment discomfort. 

As part of aftercare, it’s important to avoid sun exposure and to treat the skin with gentle, soothing, fragrance-free products. We will send you home with post-treatment skincare instructions based on your specific needs, and based on your recovery timeline. It’s also important to avoid hot environments such as the jacuzzi or sauna and to skip intense activities.


CO²RE™ Laser Fractional CO² Resurfacing is used to treat:

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