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Crows Feet, Smoker Lines, Frown Lines

These fine lines and tiny wrinkles have many other names, such as “expression lines” and “laugh lines.” Whatever you call them, rest assured that we can help you manage them.

Forming around the corners of the outer eyes, these lines usually appear in your mid-to-late 30s and develop with age. Why? The body’s natural production of the two main proteins responsible for skin elasticity – collagen and elastin – drops with age, leading to facial lines.

Genetics aside, excessive sun exposure, smoking and high pollution can lead to early development of crow’s feet, frown lines and other facial lines.

No need to despair, though. There are numerous safe techniques we can use to address these lines and restore your youthful complexion.

We can significantly relax expression lines, and other unwanted wrinkles with BOTOX® Cosmetic. We can also creatively revitalize and “lift” certain facial muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic. “Relaxing” and “Lifting” in one facial treatment can make a dramatic difference in your appearance!

Some of our skin renewal options are very intense and fast-acting, like CO2 fractional laser, while others are a little more gentle, like our Sylfirm X RF-Microneedling, DP4 Microneedling and bi-polarized radiofrequency-based eTwo treatment


Anti-Aging Facials 

From mild enzyme treatments to intense dermalinfusion, jetpeel, oxygeneo or hydrafacial we offer a range of various treatments that will help maintain your skin’s youthfulness. Based on skin resurfacing, these facials remove damaged layers of excess dead skin, which in turn reveals younger, smoother skin while supporting the regeneration efforts of your skin cells. 

These facials are gentle, so you can do them instead of or along with more powerful skin-renewing treatments.


Effective Anti-Wrinkle Skincare 

An at-home skincare regimen with sunscreen and a retinoid is the best option for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically-formulated skincare often provides the best results, and with a tailored routine, you can even see continuous improvement. 

We’re happy to help you find the best skincare routine to support your anti-aging efforts, with products from clinical brands like ZO Skin Health, SkinMedica, and more.

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