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For Men

Wanting to look and feel your best has nothing to do with gender. In today’s world, men deal with many expectations as to how their hair, features, and skin should look. Thankfully, most aesthetic concerns can be addressed with the correct treatment.
If you’re a man looking to improve your appearance or skin health, or you have a man in your life who you think could benefit from a confidence boost, read on to learn about all of the services we offer to men at Discovery Laser.

Treatments for Men at Discovery Laser

The Discovery Laser team welcomes men to come and enjoy any of our transformative skincare and aesthetic treatments.
Men looking for a general pick-me-up will benefit from a skin or body-rejuvenating treatment that addresses multiple concerns at once. Those looking to address very specific concerns will benefit from a quick and targeted laser treatment. We often also have men drop in for laser hair removal or hair restoration.

In our practice, our main goal is to make sure that each one of our clients achieves the results they want. To that end, we use highly-advanced technologies with scientifically proven effects. Our highly-trained team members have the knowledge and skills to recommend the right treatment for each client.

Men’s Facial Treatments

A men’s facial treatment will make you feel like a million bucks! Our menu of treatments for the face is nearly endless. In general, we’ve noticed that our male clients often gravitate towards targeted treatments that offer precise benefits.

That includes facials designed to address specific concerns like acne or rosacea, and dramatically transformative treatments like Sublative eMatrix and CO2 Laser that rapidly address photodamage, scarring, and signs of aging.

Body Treatments

Many of our treatments extend beyond the face, to give the body its very own boost. Men are often most interested in targeted treatments that address very precise body concerns. That includes prominent veins, warts, skin tags, and even nail fungal infections. With devices like laser or Lamprobe, we can address these minor concerns quickly and easily right at the source.

That said, we also offer treatments that give an overall improvement in physical definition, using technologies like ultrasound and radiofrequency to promote fat cell breakdown or firm the skin.

Hair Restoration

For men experiencing hair loss, our hair restoration treatments can be life-changing.

Using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, we help men rebuild their confidence by improving hair growth. PRP is a non-surgical treatment that works by using your own body’s growth factor to stimulate new hair follicle activity. Within just a few treatments, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in hair growth!

Injectables and Botox for Men

Injectables and Botox have a reputation as being primarily anti-wrinkle treatments. Indeed, Cosmetic Botox is highly effective for softening angry frown lines between the brows or crow’s feet around the eyes, while injectables can plump up hollows under the eyes. However, these treatments can go beyond that, in many other ways that can be beneficial for men.

In fact, Medical Botox can help men address excessive sweating and it’s also able to alleviate chronic headaches and migraines.

Nowadays, fillers vary greatly in texture and performance, with some options offering a non-surgical method of adjusting facial structure. Many men choose fillers to balance the shape of their faces by enhancing the jawline or chin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular with our male clients! This advanced hair removal treatment eliminates hair growth by targeting the hair follicle directly.

Over time, it slows regrowth significantly, saving you the need to shave, wax, or trim. Many of our patients achieve their desired results within as little as 6 treatments!

Our most popular laser hair removal treatments for men target the back and shoulders, where unwanted hair growth might make you feel self-conscious, especially when shirtless. That said, we’re happy to treat any body part where you would like to permanently reduce hair growth.

Skincare for Men

Our clinical aesthetic treatments provide dramatic results quickly, but it’s important you maintain the health of your skin at home, as well. For most men, a basic skincare routine with cleansing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen is essential.

If you’re suffering from any specific skin concerns like acne, redness, pigmentation, or signs of aging, the right skincare products can help you fade those concerns, especially in combination with the right facial treatment.

Getting started on building a skincare routine can be incredibly challenging. There’s a lot to learn, and making sense of all of the different products can be confusing. For men, figuring out how to combine skincare with your shaving routine can also make things a little more complicated.

At Discover Laser, we offer skin consultations with most of our treatments, to eliminate all of those guessing games. One of our knowledgeable aestheticians can customize the perfect skincare routine to address your unique concerns while fitting seamlessly into your daily life.