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Skin Laxity – Face and Body

It can be scary to suddenly notice that your features pull downwards. This is called skin laxity, and it’s one of the most prominent signs of aging. It can impact both your face and body, leading to wrinkles and loose skin.

Once upon a time, tightening loose skin required surgical skin tightening or facelifts. Today, non-surgical interventions give you the option to firm things up without having to go under the knife!


What Causes Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity is usually a sign of aging. As we get older, our bodies have a difficult time creating new connective tissues like collagen and elastin that keep the skin tight and lifted. It’s a very normal part of the aging process, but unfortunately, it means the skin becomes looser. 

While the process is mostly genetic, there are other factors that can lead to laxity. Weight loss is a big one, especially after pregnancy or if you lose weight at an older age. There are also health conditions that can lead to reduces collagen production, like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. 

Additionally, exposure to damaging external forces like pollution, cigarette smoke, and the sun’s rays can speed up the cell degradation process and contribute to more severe skin laxity.  


How to Tighten Loose Skin

When it comes to non-surgical solutions, skin tightening is all about stimulating the skin’s own production of collagen. At Discovery Laser, we offer a broad range of collagen-induction therapies, which are treatments that address skin laxity and give you a firmer, more youthful appearance. 


Skin Tightening for the Face 

To address skin laxity in the face, our most powerful treatment is CO²RE™ Laser Fractional CO² Resurfacing. This intense skin-renewing laser removes surface layers of skin, which is one of the most aggressive approach that stimulates collagen regeneration on deeper levels and resurfacing deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

We also offer a few gentler but very effective treatments with less downtime and discomfort such as Sylfirm X RF-Microneedling, Dp4 Microneedling or eTwo Sublative Rejuvenation to stimulate the deeper levels of the skin with minimal impact on the surface layers. 


Skin Tightening for the Body 

The upper arms, stomach, and legs can often betray an increase in skin laxity. We utilize a few technologies that can firm up and stimulate those larger body parts quickly and efficiently, with minimal discomfort. Our options include TriLipo and Venus Freeze, which also help contour and tone, and SylfirmX Dual Wave which combines radiofrequency and microneedling. 


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers 

If you’re concerned with very localized skin laxity, especially under the eyes or in the cheeks, dermal fillers like Juvederm are a fast-acting and targeted solution. Made of a hyaluronic acid-based gel, they plump up those sunken-in areas and help pull the skin upwards, for a more lifted appearance.

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Skin Laxity – Face and Body FAQ

Yes! There’s a very broad range of treatments that penetrate down to the layers of the dermis where collagen and elastin form, and are able to stimulate renewal. That said, the aging process is continuous – even with these treatments, your body continues to age, so you may require repeated treatment throughout your life.

While there are plenty of skincare products that will help you reverse signs of skin aging like lines and wrinkles, treating more severe loose skin often requires interventions that go deeper. That can only be done with the help of a medical aesthetics professional. 

Our team at Discovery Laser will be happy to recommend you a preventative skincare routine with proven anti-aging ingredients.