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Stretch Marks & Scar Treatment

We often think of scars and stretch marks as permanent, but they don’t have to be! Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of pregnancy, injury, or even acne, solutions exist to fade and even eliminate your stretch marks and scars.

Causes of Scars and Stretch Marks 

When the skin experiences injury or trauma, it has to heal itself. As part of that healing process, your body ramps up the production of collagen in the specific area where the injury occurred. This works to close the wound, but can also result in a visible depression or buildup of textured skin. 

Even though scars and stretch marks are visible from the outside, they actually only occur when damage impacts the deeper dermis layer of the skin. To treat them, we focus on skin renewing treatment that will stimulate repair within those deeper levels. 

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a type of scar that’s caused by rapid changes in your size. They often occur during pregnancy or puberty, as well as following weight gain due to other causes. The skin has to stretch to accommodate that growth, which leads to the breakage of connective tissue in the lower layers of the skin. Above the skin, that breakage usually looks like stripes. 


Best Treatments for Stretch Marks and Scars 

Treating a scar correctly strongly depends on what kind of scar it is. 

Some scars can be treated with simple resurfacing facials like peels and microdermabrasion. In most cases, however, there’s a need for deeper skin renewal with microneedling or laser rejuvenation

When you come in for scar or stretch mark treatment at Discovery Laser, we’ll examine your skin and let you know which treatment will give you the best results. There’s no need for guessing games! 


Laser Treatments

Nothing beats laser for scarring and stretch mark removal! Our CO²RE™ is the most powerful option. It removes damage from the surface of the skin while deeply stimulating the lower layers. You’ll be able to fade old and extremely persistent stretch marks while boosting the texture and clarity of your skin. 

For fresher stretch marks, we can often achieve fast results with a less aggressive form of laser, microneedling with Dp4 or RF microneedling with our Sylfirm that improves the healing process without removing too much of your surface layer of skin. 

Another effective option for both scars and stretch marks is sublative rejuvenation with the  eTwo. This exciting technology helps renew collagen production to repair the look of stretch marks. It uses a mix of microneedling and radiofrequency. We often see fantastic results within just 3 to 6 sessions.  It’s an excellent alternative if you can’t undergo laser treatment. 


Scar and Stretch Mark Prevention

Preventing scarring and stretch marks can be easier than treating them after the fact. Your at-home skincare routine for both face and body goes a long way towards maintaining the condition of your skin. 

For stretch marks, we recommend keeping the skin moisturized when you’re in a situation where weight gain that leads to skin stretching is likely. If you’re dealing specifically with acne scarring, you will also want to make sure to use an excellent acne skincare routine to prevent new breakouts from popping up.

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Stretch Marks & Scar Treatment FAQ

The best way to get rid of scars and stretch marks is with a powerful laser treatment. Laser is targeted and deep-penetrating, so it’s able to stimulate renewed and improved collagen production, for visibly smoother, unmarked skin.

Stretch marks usually take a few months to fade from their noticeable red or purple color to flatter and less visible marks. However, it’s actually during that early period when your stretch marks are very visible that they’re easiest to treat. Once they fade down to those silvery stripes, you’ll need to double up on gentle treatments, or opt for something more aggressive like CO2RE laser.