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Acne Scarring

If you have acne scars, you’re aware of how persistent and demoralizing they can be. Any trauma to the skin can lead to scarring, and that includes the blemishes caused by breakouts.

While acne will often fade with time, acne scars usually remain unless treated by a medical professional. Here is everything you need to know about how we treat acne scars at Discovery Laser. 


What Causes Acne Scars?

Scars occur after the skin has been injured or damaged. Our skin is extremely good at healing itself, but it doesn’t always return to its previous, smooth appearance. In some cases, it can heal with a raised scar, while in other cases, loss of tissue can lead to indented scars. 

Acne, no matter its level of severity, always causes some trauma to the skin. Scarring is most common following severe breakouts, but it can also result from mild acne, especially if the skin has been broken or pimples have been popped. 


Types of Acne Scars

In order to treat acne scars effectively, it’s important to take into account what kind of scars you have. 

Boxcar scars are pitted, shallow to medium scars with a crater-like appearance, and defined edges.

Ice-pick scars are small but deep, forming pits in the skin. 

Rolling scars are depressions in the skin with less defined borders, that create a wave-like texture in the skin.  

Hypertrophic scars have elevated scar tissue that presents as bumps on the skin surface.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is caused by elevated melanin production following trauma to the skin. Although hyperpigmentation is technically not scarring, it can still show up after a breakout. 


Best Acne Scarring Treatments

At Discovery Laser, we’ll work with you to devise an acne scarring treatment strategy that’ll fade your scars as effectively as possible. These are the treatments we normally recommend. 


Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are extremely effective for most acne scar removal. Laser light can penetrate the skin at very precise depths, stimulating the production of collagen to plump up and fill scarred areas. 

Our CO2RE fractional laser resurfacing treatment is particularly effective since it combines ablation of surface damage along with the deep renewing effects of laser.


Sylfirm X

Sylfirm X is clinically proven to safely and effectively address a number of issues including  acne scars, by improving the overall tone and texture of the skin.

Microneedling with Dp4

Also known as collagen induction therapy, Dp4 microneedling offers similar benefits to laser treatments, especially when it also involves radiofrequency. As the needles penetrate the skin, they trigger microtrauma that encourages the healthy production of collagen and elastin. 

Microneedling treatments are usually most effective for shallow or new acne scars. We offer a few different microneedling treatments. Your medical aesthetician will recommend the one that will offer you the best results. 


Scar Prevention

It’s often easier to prevent scarring by first focusing on acne treatment and sun protection. We offer a range of acne treatments, and can also help you prevent breakouts with a customized skincare regimen and retinoids based on your skin type.

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Acne Scarring FAQ

Absolutely. Acne scars do not always disappear on their own, but you can get rid of them effectively with a series of skin-remodeling treatments like microneedling or laser.

With skin remodeling treatments like microneedling or laser, it’s possible to fade scars within a matter of a few treatments. The precise length of time depends on the level of scarring and the specific treatment you decide to try. Without treatment, though, your scars might be there to stay.

The best acne scarring treatment depends on the type of scarring you have. Some scars are best treated with lasers, while others respond incredibly well to microneedling. For the best outcomes, it’s best to work with a dermatologist or medical aesthetician who will help you find the right solution for your needs.