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Lamprobe – Skin Tags / Cholesterol Deposits, Keratosis

Quick. Effective. Affordable. If you experience any minor yet niggling skin irregularities, trying Lamprobe is a no-brainer. This machine eliminates small imperfections in the skin within seconds, including skin tags, cholesterol deposits, visible capillaries, and more.
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What Is Lamprobe? 

Lamprobe is a device that emits radio frequency energy through a small, controllable probe. When wielded by an experienced practitioner like our team members here at Discovery Laser, it can be used to immediately remove visible or textured imperfections in the skin. 

The radio frequency works by heating and coagulating minor irregularities at the surface of the skin, either rapidly minimizing them or aiding in their direct removal. 

Lamprobe has multiple settings, so your practitioner can select the precise radio frequency to address your specific concerns. 


Conditions Treated 

Lamprobe was designed specifically to address minor skin irregularities. Those irregularities can be categorized as sebaceous, vascular, or keratinized.

Sebaceous irregularities are related to the sebaceous gland, and they include sebaceous hyperplasia, clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, and milia. 

Vascular irregularities are related to blood vessels or capillaries, so they are often red in colour and underlying the skin. They include visible or dilated capillaries, cherry angiomas, and spider veins. 

Finally, Lamprobe also helps with keratinized irregularities, which are often raised, and either skin-coloured or pigmented. Those include skin tags, fibromas, and keratoses. 

If you have a small bump or blemish, but you’re not sure if it can be treated by Lamprobe, feel free to reach out to us! Lamprobe is the best solution for many concerns, but not all – we’ll be happy to recommend the best treatment for your specific concern. 


Lamprobe Benefits

What makes Lamprobe superior to other treatments that address similar concerns? Here are its unique benefits: 

  • Incredibly fast: Lamprobe can eliminate a single concern in just a few seconds. Your entire appointment can be over before you know it, so consider this the ideal lunchtime treatment. 
  • Affordable: Lamprobe is one of the most affordable aesthetic treatments available, especially considering its efficiency. You don’t need to let cost stop you from tolerating unwanted skin concerns. 
  • Non-invasive: There is almost no pain or downtime with Lamprobe. You won’t need to numb the area prior to treatment or worry about any significant side effects or risks. 
  • Minimal-to-no scarring: What’s the point of getting rid of a skin irregularity if you’ll be left with a scar? Lamprobe leaves behind little-to-no scarring, especially in the case of more surface-level concerns. Expect your skin to look smooth and virtually untouched. 


Lamprobe Pre and Aftercare 

Before your Lamprobe appointment, we will have you fill out a consent form and make sure that you can have the procedure done safely. 

We recommend you avoid using any skin resurfacing products for a few days prior to your treatment, and that you don’t have any chemical peels or other strong exfoliating facials for a month prior to your appointment.   

On the day of your treatment, it’d be great if you could come in with your skin clean and free from makeup. 

After your treatment, take gentle care of your skin:

  • Avoid using harsh or exfoliating skincare products on the treated area for 21 days after your appointment. 
  • For two days following your treatment, avoid saunas, intense exercise, and any other high-temperature environments or intense activities. 
  • If you do experience any scabbing or irritation, avoid picking at the skin. Instead, apply a skin protective ointment daily to the area. 
  • Practice diligent sun protection by wearing sunscreen and sun-protective clothing whenever you are exposed to sunlight.

Lamprobe – Skin Tags / Cholesterol Deposits, Keratosis is used to treat:

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