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Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Do you have small bumps that simply won’t go away? They might be sebaceous hyperplasia. Sebaceous hyperplasia is a condition where the sebaceous gland becomes enlarged. It looks like a small, yellow or skin-coloured bump. These small, persistent papules can be mistaken for acne, but they’re very different. The good news is that they’re easy to treat.

What Does Sebaceous Hyperplasia Look Like?

Often, there might be a small crater in the middle of the bump. The bumps are not always evenly round, and sometimes take on a bit of a nodular, cauliflower appearance.

While sebaceous hyperplasia is benign, it can look very similar to basal cell carcinoma. It’s very important that you get examined and diagnosed by a doctor if you think you have either condition. 


What Causes Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

The cause of sebaceous hyperplasia isn’t entirely known. These bumps show up most frequently in older adults, but they can also appear in newborn babies (in which case they fade on their own). 

The bumps show up when certain cells in the oil gland start to multiply and accumulate within the gland, leading to overgrowth. 

As to its underlying causes, there are a few theories. The most accepted theory is that an increase in androgens (the male hormones) causes the oil glands to misbehave. Another theory is that they are caused by cumulative sun exposure or skin trauma. There might also be a correlation between oily skin and sebaceous hyperplasia. 


Best Treatments for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

If you’d like to get rid of your sebaceous hyperplasia, we’d be happy to help. Sebaceous hyperplasia removal is very easy and affordable to do, even in the clinic. 


Lamprobe for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Lamprobe is the best treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia removal. It’s quick, effective, and affordable! 

This treatment is done with a machine that emits radio frequency energy that’s then directed into the bump with a small probe. Almost immediately, this treatment flattens the bumps through tissue coagulation. In some cases, it might also make sense to do a small extraction. 

While Lamprobe can leave your skin a little red and irritated, that fades within days and there’s a very minimal risk of scarring.  



In cases of smaller or very dense bumps, dermalinfusion can be a potential treatment. This is a powerful exfoliating treatment that manually sloughs away dead skin, helping to smooth your skin texture all over. It’s better as a preventative measure, but can be part of your sebaceous hyperplasia treatment.  


Preventative Skincare and Topicals 

Since there’s some possibility that sebaceous hyperplasia is caused by sun exposure, wearing sunscreen is an important preventative measure. Even more importantly, it’ll reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Adding in some retinoids may also help by normalizing the skin’s renewal mechanisms. 

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia FAQ

The best way to get rid of sebaceous hyperplasia is through a targeted treatment like Lamprobe. There are other treatments like electrocauterization that work in a similar way.

Unlike pimples, sebaceous hyperplasia bumps aren’t filled with any sort of fluid. As such, there’s usually nothing to squeeze out. If anything, you may irritate the skin which can lead to scarring. In a medical setting, squeezing may help if your sebaceous gland is both clogged and overdeveloped, but it’s not a solution when you’re home alone.