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A fibroma is a small, tumour-like protrusion made up of fibrous tissue like collagen. Skin fibromas can look like tinted bumps on the legs or arms or like clusters on the face. While fibromas are benign, they can still be unpleasant, especially if they are prominent or get in the way of shaving. If you’re experiencing any skin fibromas, our team at Discovery Laser is ready to help you get rid of them for good.

Types of Fibromas

There are a few different kinds of fibromas that affect different parts of the body. 

At Discovery Laser, we deal with ones that impact the skin like dermatofibromas and angiofibromas. 

Dermatofibromas are benign skin growths that often occur on the legs. Angiofibromas contain both fibrous tissue and blood vessels. They usually look like tiny papules across the nose and cheeks. They can be a symptom of other health conditions, so you may want to speak to your doctor if you experience them. 

There are also oral fibromas that occur in the mouth and plantar fibromas which are found in the arch of the foot. 


What Causes Skin Fibromas?

It makes sense to wonder where your skin fibromas came from but the answer isn’t usually straightforward. Dermatofibromas, for example, may show up as a result of trauma to the skin or as a symptom of an autoimmune condition. Just as often, they show up for no discernible reason. 

Angiofibromas are often associated with specific genetic disorders, like Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome or tuberous sclerosis, but they can also show up independently of any disorders. 


Best Fibroma Treatment

At Discovery Laser, we treat most skin fibromas quickly and easily with a technology called Lamprobe.  

In the past, eliminating a fibroma was quite difficult and often required excision or scraping, at times leading to scarring. 

Thankfully, today we have simple solutions that offer much better results. Lamprobe is a device that probes the skin gently and emits radiofrequency energy. It’s effective for treating a very wide range of small skin irregularities in just a few minutes, including fibromas, skin tags, sebaceous cysts, and more.

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Fibroma FAQ

Fibromas are considered benign which means that they don’t become cancerous. That said, it’s easy to confuse fibroma with certain cancerous tumours. If you notice any unusual bumps pop up on your skin, seek a diagnosis from your doctor or dermatologist.

While fibromas aren’t dangerous, there are still good reasons to remove them. Dermatofibromas on the body can get in the way of hair removal, and they may prevent you from wearing clothing that reveals the affected area. Angiofibromas can look a little like whiteheads or pimples, and they can take a significant toll on your self-esteem.

Fibromas can be removed in a few different ways. Our preferred method is Lamprobe because it’s fast, effective, and unlikely to lead to scarring. Other methods of removal, like cryotherapy and excision, might be a little less comfortable and their results are usually not as cosmetically elegant.