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Skin Tags

Skin tags are little growths that protrude from the skin. They’re soft and malleable – often compared to deflated balloons, and they can get caught on clothing or jewelry. They might be small in most cases, but that doesn’t mean they’re pleasant. Skin tags often show up on the face and neck, and they can be particularly troublesome over the eyelid. They can also occur on the body, especially in areas where you have skin folds. The good news is that no matter where your skin tags show up, they’re fast and easy to remove.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are technically considered benign tumours. They are made up of collagen fibres surrounded by a thin layer of skin. While often genetic, they can also be induced by friction against the skin. That’s why they commonly show up in skin folds. Additionally, as with many other skin irregularities, they tend to develop with age.  

In some cases, they may show up as a symptom of other health conditions – especially ones related to insulin resistance or hormonal conditions that can stimulate cell production. 


Skin Tag Removal

At Discovery Laser, we can remove multiple skin tags and skin irregularities within one quick appointment. We utilize a tool called Lamprobe, which has a sharp probe that emits high frequency. This allows us to excise the excess skin quickly, gently, and thoroughly, with minimal pain and almost no risk of scarring. 

Based on radio wave and high frequency technology, the Lamprobe 4000 works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat, released by various-sized probes. Minor epidermal abnormalities can thus be effectively treated, without penetration of the skin’s surface. Minimal client discomfort is experienced, with no need for anesthesia.

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Skin Tags FAQ

There are many over-the-counter treatments for skin tags that “freeze” the excess growth, but their efficacy is inconsistent. While they may work in some cases, at other times they can just leave your skin tag feeling dry and irritated. 

We don’t recommend attempting to cut your skin tags off by yourself, as that can put you at risk of skin infection or scarring.

If you’re annoyed by the presence of skin tags on your skin, you should absolutely remove them! You may find them unsightly or that they’re frustrating when they get caught in clothes or jewelry. Because removing skin tags is so easy, there’s no reason why you should have to keep them.

Skin tags are benign, which means they won’t develop into skin cancer. At least from that perspective, you don’t need to worry about them. 

However, in some cases, skin tags can look like viral warts or molluscum contagiosum, both of which are contagious. If your skin tags look a little abnormal, have your doctor look at them to confirm whether you might be experiencing something else. 

Additionally, skin tags can show up as symptoms for other conditions, like HPV, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol, and obesity. They’re rarely the first or only symptom, though, and they’re just as often simply genetic.