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Belkyra / Double chin

Is a double chin, or even just a bit of excess fat under the chin, making you look older, or less fit than you truly feel? If you’re bothered by it, you’re not alone, 67% of people are bothered by fullness under the chin.
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If you’re ready to get rid of your double chin forever and haven’t seen results from diet or exercise, it’s time you introduced yourself to BELKYRA. In just 2-4 sessions, BELKYRA (known in the U.S. as KYBELLA) destroys unwanted fat under your chin, permanently improving your chin contour and profile. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, further treatments are not required.


What causes fullness under the chin?

Fullness under the chin, sometimes referred to as “double chin”, is a common, yet undertreated, facial aesthetic concern that can improve a broad range of adults, both men and women. Causes may include:

AGING- It naturally develop as you age

GENETICS- Simply said, it may be part of your DNA

WEIGHT CHANGES- It may appear as a result of weight change

Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, the fullness in this area may not go away-and it may make you feel like you look older and heavier than you actually are.


What is BELKYRA?

BELKYRA is an innovative beauty breakthrough and first-in-class aesthetic treatment for both men and women who are bothered by fullness under the chin and wish to improve the appearance of their chin profile.

BELKYRA is an injectable drug whose active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body[GS1] . When injected, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cell membranes and helps with the absorption of fat. BELKYRA is both Health Canada and FDA approved.

Each BELKYRA treatment takes only a few minutes, and a topical numbing agent or local freezing will make your visit virtually pain-free.

The active ingredient in BELKYRA is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

How does BELKYRA work?

BELKYRA targets and eliminates fat cells when injected into the area under your chin. BELKYRA gradually improves the appearance of your chin profile over a number of treatment sessions customized by your doctor. Once your desired results are achieved, re-treatment may not be needed.

Belkyra / Double chin is used to treat:

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