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Double Chin

This relatively common condition –evidenced by the appearance of “two chins” – is typically determined by genetic disposition.

While dietary precautions can help prevent or eliminate a double chin, double chins is often not linked to body weight or composition. Even otherwise slim people can develop a double chin.

BELKYRA is an innovative beauty breakthrough and first-in-class aesthetic treatment for both men and women who are bothered by fullness under the chin and wish to improve the appearance of their chin profile.

BELKYRA is an injectable drug whose active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. When injected, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cell membranes and helps with the absorption of fat. BELKYRA is both Health Canada and FDA approved.

The good news is that there are safe, gentle, non-invasive treatments designed to eradicate fat stores in the chin region and simultaneously retighten any loose skin. Typically, these treatments use either a multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields technology or polar radiofrequency with dynamic muscle activation.

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