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Dr. G. Jacobs

Dr. G. Jacobs

Dr. Gert Jacobs M.B., Ch.B., CCFP, DPD, MSc.PD, FCFP

GP Dermatologist, Campbell River

Dr. Gert Jacobs is a General Practice Dermatologist and the medical director of Discovery Laser Skin Care Clinic. He splits his practice between medical aesthetics and referral-based, primary care dermatology, with a particular interest in pre-cancer screening, actinic keratosis, psoriasis, acne and eczema.

Dr. Jacobs grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where he earned his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Stellenbosch 1994.

Long before that, however, when Dr. Jacobs finished his residency in Cape Town, he moved to England with Therry and worked throughout the country as a general practitioner and Emergency Doctor before returning to South Africa, where he worked as a GP for one more year.

In 1996, lured by a country that highly valued South African doctors and whose vast open spaces fascinated them, the couple moved to Canada and settled in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Dr. Jacobs practiced as a GP in Nipawin for five years and attained his CCFP (Canadian Certification in Family Medicine) from the University of Alberta before the irresistible call of the ocean brought him and Therry, along with their new daughter, to Campbell River in 2002.

Dr. Jacobs attained his Masters degree in Practical Dermatology from the university of cardiff, wales, September 2016. He is also a Fellow of the College of Canadian Family Physicians.

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