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ZO Skin Health Brand Review and Guide

May 7, 2024

ZO Skin Health is one of our favourite skincare brands at Discovery Laser. It’s a leading medical-grade skincare brand developed to provide real results. What makes ZO skin care products different is that they contain potent concentrations of the most advanced cosmeceuticals and clinical ingredients. 

With the help of ZO skincare and Discovery Laser treatments, many of our clients achieve the skin transformations they dream of! In this ZO Skin Health review, we’ll introduce you to this incredible brand, and recommend some of our favorite products for every category, based on different skin types and concerns. 


Why ZO Skin Health is So Good 

ZO Skin Health is a dermatologist-favorite company for a reason. The brand works closely with dermatologists and estheticians to deliver products that truly cater to our patient’s skin concerns.  

The range includes many different product options for different skin types. The formulas contain proven active ingredients that significantly improve the look of the skin. We’ve seen first-hand how ZO products maximize our client’s results from different clinical treatments. 


Our Top ZO Skin Care Products

From treatment serums to sunscreens, here’s our review of ZO Skin Health! We’ll explain what’s unique about ZO’s offering for each product category, and highlight our favorite products for every need. 


ZO Skin Health Serums

If you’re only going to splurge on one or two ZO Skin Health products, the serums are the best place to look. Because ZO is a clinical-grade brand, the serums contain some very potent active ingredients at percentages that can make a deep impact on the skin, such as retinoids or growth factors. 

These serums can make a noticeable and visible difference, whether you’re looking to firm things up, reduce wrinkles, address sensitivity, fight pigmentation, or all of the above. 


ZO Skin Health Moisturizers 

Our favorite category to highlight in this ZO Skin Health review is the brand’s incredible moisturizers. While there are options for all skin types, what all ZO moisturizers have in common is a gentle, barrier-fortifying formula and a blend of ingredients that help address and prevent signs of aging. Simply pick the one best for your skin type, and you’ll enjoy some major hydration and repair! 


ZO Cleansers 

ZO Skin Health cleansers are in a category of their own. In fact, it’s difficult to review the ZO Skin Health cleansers as one category, because each one is geared for very specific skin needs. From the ultra creamy Cleansing Emulsion to the skin resurfacing Exfoliating Cleanser, it’s important to choose the one that’ll suit your skin type. 


ZO Exfoliants

Another thing we love about ZO Skin Health’s skincare philosophy is the pairing of very gentle physical exfoliation with chemical exfoliation. By removing dead skin cells so thoroughly, ZO leave-on skin care products can have a greater impact on the skin. 


ZO Sunscreens 

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable daily treatment, and ZO Skin Health makes some of the best ones. We love how ZO Skin Health sunscreens look and feel on the skin, whether with or without makeup. Their formulas are even gentle enough to use while undergoing skin treatments that increase photosensitivity. 


Get Custom ZO Skin Health Recommendations

It makes sense to read through ZO Skin Health reviews when you’re trying to identify the best products for you. 

However, since it’s such a robust product line with so many specialized treatments, you’ll be best served by getting a skincare consultation from a professional esthetician or doctor who works with the brand. 

At Discovery Laser, your esthetician can recommend products tailored to your skin conditions and concerns. Other important factors, like your skin type, lifestyle, and the other treatments you’re trying will also play a big part. 

Get in touch with us for a consultation or use our chat feature to make sure you buy the ZO skin care products that’ll give you the best results!

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