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Microchanneling - Microneedling with PRP or Stemcells

ProCell Microchanneling

Rejuvenate your skin with this advanced scientific care
Revive your skin and stimulate collagen production with this innovative, safe and painless skincare technique. Minimally invasive, microchanneling is the latest in nonsurgical, anti-aging skin treatments. 

What is microchanneling?
Microchanneling is a skincare technique that involves the insertion of fine microneedles into the skin. This creates a healing reaction that results in the skin’s rejuvenation. The process of microchanneling helps increase collagen production up to 400 times the normal amount over a short series of treatments. It differs from microneedling in that the method involves “stamping” the skin rather than rolling over it.

Benefits of microchanneling
• Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles: By increasing the collagen and communication levels in the skin, microchanneling facilitates thicker, younger-looking      skin with minimal downtime.
• Reduction in scarring: Whether from acne, surgery or stretch marks, scarring is improved through microchanneling because the procedure breaks down old          tissue and fosters the development of healthier skin.
• Prevents aging signs: Microchanneling, when combined with stem-cell derived human growth factors, keeps communication prevalent thereby allowing the        prevention of future signs of aging.

These amazing benefits have seen this procedure rise to the top in its industry. And ProCell Microchanneling leads the way in providing the most advanced microchanneling techniques available.

Why choose ProCell Microchanneling? 
Invented by dermatologist Dr. Mitchell Schwartz, ProCell microneedling tips create small channels in the epidermis. The unique sterile, detachable, disposable tips vary in widths and sizes to provide the perfect amount of coverage while reducing any risk of backflow and cross-contamination. ProCell thereby delivers the best results on all skin types while maintaining the safest technique and design.

ProCell Microchanneling can be performed with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), ProCell Microchanneling Serum (Stem CytokinesTM) or other products such as firming serums or growth factors.

ProCell Microchanneling Serum
ProCell Microchanneling Serum contains the most effective growth factors known to boost communication within the skin. Specific factors derived from highly active stem cells in the human body have resulted in the highest collagen production possible. When combined with ProCell Microchanneling treatments, the effects are deep and profound.
Our own stem cells start losing the ability to produce as much growth factor as we age; this results in less communication between cells and decreased amounts of collagen present in the skin. By adding stem cells and other natural ingredients, such as PRP, ProCell Microchanneling Serum reduces the signs of aging and improves the overall skin health. 

ProCell solutions are all-natural and contain only non-adipose growth factors, which keeps inflammation down and avoids adverse reactions during after the procedure.

Who says there’s no such thing as a time machine?

Tansport your skin back to its younger years with ProCell Microchanneling.

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