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JetPeel™ Be the best version of yourself

JetPeel™ is a world-first approach to transdermal treatment that takes aesthetic and dermatological care to new heights of excellence and comfort.
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JetPeel™ is a world-first approach to transdermal treatment that takes aesthetic and dermatological care to new heights of excellence and comfort. 

JetPeel jet pressure energy technology is a world-first breakthrough approach to transdermal delivery that completely solves common and problematic skin care concerns and skin health issues in dermatological and aesthetic treatment. Based on technologies adapted from the aviation industry, JetPeel takes non-invasive yet effective skin treatments to new heights of excellence, in terms of clinical results and patient comfort.


About JetPeel™

At  Discovery Laser, we are excited to introduce another upgraded medical grade anti-aging device. The JetPeel jet pressure energy device generates pressurized air, which is accelerated in order to manipulate liquid into fine misty jet streams. These jet streams, travelling at subsonic speed of over 200 m/s, are applied to the skin surface with the patented JetPeel handpiece, a wand-like instrument available in a range of sizes and configurations for specific treatments and conditions.


What is the difference between JetPeel™  and other anti-aging facial treatments?

A JetPeel facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a newly invented jet propulsion technology to peel off the skin’s top layers to deliver nutrients to the deeper skin layers.

The procedure is 100% noninvasive. In addition, it’s an FDA-approved procedure that’s been consistently gaining popularity over the last few years.

The JetPeel Infusion Facial uses air pressure to infuse anti-aging ingredients like peptides, retinol, plant-based stem cells, concentrated vitamins and hyaluronic acid 4 mm into the skin. It’s comparable to microneedling; however, it’s a superior technology that gives instant results without the downtime, redness and irritation.

You stand to gain all the benefits you can derive from other treatments such as HydraFacial and Dermal infusion with a JetPeel facial. However, unlike most other chemical exfoliators, the JetPeel is gentle. In fact, people with sensitive skin or other skin conditions like rosacea or acne can comfortably undergo the procedure.


Who will benefit from JetPeel™?

The JetPeel facial treatment is beneficial to a variety of skin health issues and concerns. Here are some benefits this treatment  offers:


JetPeel has been linked with helping treat and even prevent acne. How? Through deep and thorough cleaning of the pores and peeling of the skin. In addition, it helps the body deliver serum to the lower skin surfaces. One ingredient present in serum is salicylic acid, which can help with managing acne.

Deep Exfoliation

The JetPeel system involves skin exfoliation. Ultimately, this gives the skin a refreshed and smooth look and feel post-treatment. Additionally, exfoliation is essential in helping reduce any discoloration on the skin or clogged pores, promoting an even skin tone.

Reduces Signs of Aging

Signs of aging such as lost elasticity or wrinkles are a huge concern to many. Fortunately, if you undergo a JetPeel facial, it can help reduce such conditions.

Like other chemical treatments, the JetPeel system works by stimulating collagen and elastin production, resulting in a younger look and feel. The procedure does the following:

Improves circulation
Tightens and lifts loose skin
Decreases the appearance of pores
Hydrates your skin

Hair Restoration with PRP or EXOSOMES

Healthy, glowing hair begins at the scalp. The JetPeel transdermal delivery system empowers nourishing and repairing treatment such as PRP or EXOSOMES straight to the source, in the layers of the scalp skin. When standard hair and scalp treatments are not creating the results you want, restore your crown of glory with the pain-free, relaxing treatment of jet stream hydroporation, gentle and powerful to treat the sensitive skin of the scalp. It’s the immediate way to vibrant manageable hair.

Stubborn scalp problems are naturally targeted with the advanced Scalp & Hair Care Complex. The nourishing, protective and healthful complex works in conjunction with the JetPeel jet stream delivery system to provide a deep micro-massage to the scalp, boosting blood circulation to nourish the follicles. Scalp & Hair Care Complex targets a range of common scalp and hair problems, thin hair, and dull, dry hair, with proven results for a lustrous, healthy hair glow.

Other Benefits

Some studies associate this technology with several other benefits besides facial skin treatment.

For example, according to one study, JetPeels can be pretty effective in delivering minoxidil into the scalp during the treatment of persons dealing with baldness.

In another study, researchers established the technology can effectively deliver local anesthesia into the patient’s skin during a medical procedure.


What Else Can JetPeel™ Be Used For?

A pleasant and relaxing massage useful for detoxifying the skin and stimulating micro-circulation.

Removal of dead skin cells prepares the skin to receive nourishment in the Infusion stage.

This step provides effective and deep delivery of active ingredients into the skin.

This optional step can be included to boost the treatment result.

Discover a state-of-the-art treatment for a look of thick, lush hair in total comfort. Targeting the source at the deeper layers of the scalp skin, the hair is restored to its natural shine and vibrancy with the JetPeel transdermal delivery system. Designed to bring active nourishment into the scalp skin, it’s the most comfortable, pain free and effective treatment for the sensitive scalp.

JetPeel™ Be the best version of yourself is used to treat:

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