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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels Gallery

Chemical Peels

Skin TX Peel:

  1. Delivers visible Results faster
  2. Safe: TX JESSNER PLUS is approved by Health Canada
  3. Affordable alternative to laser treatments

Visible Results:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes the appearance of age spots such as sundamage and melasma or pregnancy mask
  • Helps firm and tighten the skin
  • Helps improve acne, enlarged pores and the appearance of acne scars
  • Restores your youthful "glow"

Combining a series of 2-3 quick and safe professional resurfacing procedures, the TX JESSNER PLuS, with an easy-to-follow at-home SkinTX daily care system.

This unique combination will dramatically restore your skin...and change your life.

ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel:

The perfect "lunchtime" peel with no downtime!

This revolutionary beta/alpha acid spa peel stimulates cellular turnover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin tone, texture and clarity without downtime.

ZO Ossential Acne and Oil Control Peel:

Minimize oil production, lafte pores and inflammation

A combination of AHA's and salicylic acid are used to minimize excess oil production and tighten pores. Using an oil-free gel with a special blend of moisture factors, fatty acids an amino acids, a calming massage is performed. Healing is encouraged and inflammation minimized with our exclusive ZO Bio-Sulfur Masque that adds eucalyptus and kaolin for antiseptic and detoxifying benefits.Calm, clear and healthier oil-free skin is revealed.

The treatment finishes with antioxidants, DNA repairing enzymes and powerful sun protection using natural melamin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to minimize acne scarring.

ZO Ossential Ultra Hydration Peel:

Hydrate and rejuvenate moisture-depleted skin

This elegant treatment begins with a gentle hydrating cleansing and micro-exfoliation to remove surface debris. Using mulberry, licorice and bearberry extracts, with kojick and lactic acids, the skin is prepped for a triple action resurfacing process to enhance brightness and clarity, as well as to addresss skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. ZO Aloe Hydra gel, with cucumber and chamomile, is applied to cool, calm and soothe the skin, followed by pressure point massage minipulations to minimize facial stress and maximize relaxation.

The treatment finishes with DNA repairing enzymes, hydrators and sun protection with natural melamin. Skin is vibrantly clear, firm, strengthened and protected.

ZO Ossential Skin Brightening and Rejuvenation Peel:

Restore skin clarity, reduce pigment spots and discoloration

This rejuvenation treatment creates a radiant, more even skin tone and texture with citric, salisylic and lactic acids to increase skin brightness, clarity and minimize pore size.

A moisture-rich cleansing and mild exfoliation is followed by a vitamin-fortified calming massage. To further brighten the skin, the Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Masque, with arbutin and green tea, is applied to minimize the production of excess skin pigment and supply ample hydration to the tissue.

The treatment concludes with powerful ZO antioxidants,coenzymes and sun protection to inhibit malanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Anti-Aging Facials

Chemical Peels is used to treat

  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 3 Chemical Peels,acne
  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 2 chemical Peels + product regime
  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 2 chemical Peels + product regime
  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 2 chemical Peels + product regime
  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 5 chemical Peels + product regime
  • Picture by Discoverylaser, after 1 ZO SkinHealth Retinol Peel

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