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Pyratine XR Gentle Cleanser + Pyratine XR Cream + Pyratine XR Lotion 

Pyratine-XR is specially formulated to treat sensitive skin prone to rosacea or blemishes, while also fending off aging. The physician-strength creme reinforces your skin's moisture barrier, reduces redness, calms irritation, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and diminishes hyperpigmentation.

PyratineXR® is a medically proven treatment for rosacea and is the only known rosacea treatment that effectively helps eliminate the three key symptoms of this most troubling skin disease: facial redness, acne lesions and spider veins.

  • True picture by discoverylaser, in combination with Laserfacial
  • True picture by discoverylaser,in combination with Laserfacial
  • True picture by discoverylaser in combination with Laserfacial

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