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Exosomes by ExoSCRT™

Exosomes by ExoSCRT™

We are excited about advanced regenerative anti-aging facial and hair restoration treatments, utilizing Exosomes by ExoSCRT™.

EXOSOMES REGENERATIVE COMPLEX  Noticeably reduces the appearance of age related pigment. Visibly makes skin appear firmer and more youthful. Hydrates and nourishes skin. Promotes a more radiant and even toned complexion.Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So what are exosomes and who can benefit from adding exosomes to their in-clinic treatments?

Exosome Regenerative Complex is an intensive dual-action complex formulated to absorb quickly into the skin delivering the concentrated power of STEM CELL DERIVED LYOPHILIZED EXOSOMES, potent GROWTH FACTORS, PEPTIDES,COENZYMES, MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS, and VITAMINS. A paraben-free, steroid-free, and hypoallergenic patented technologies and ingredients are clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

When combined with in-clinic treatment such as Microneedling, RF Microneedling, Chemical Peels and Non-Ablative Laser Treatments, HydraFacials, Dermalinfusions, and JetPeel facials, exosomes penetrate the stratum corneum and aid in tissue repair and regeneration.

EXOSOME+ Hair Restoration

NEXT SMALL THING...NANOPARTICLES OFFERING A NEW FUTURE SKIN! Hydrates and nourishes the scalp. Promotes a healthy hair growth cycle. Visibly makes hair look and feel softer, shinier, and fuller. More Powerful. More Potent. Faster Results. Our clinically proven paraben free and hypoallergenic intensive dual action complex is designed to absorb quickly into the skindelivering the concentrated power of LYOPHILIZED EXOSOMES, POTENT GROWTH FACTORS, PEPTIDES, CO-ENZYMES, MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS,VITAMINS and irritation reduction agents to rejuvenate, and intensely moisturize the skin and scalp.

BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex+is a post care “topical use” cosmetic solution. This product is not a drug product. It is not intended to prevent, treat or curediseases or medical conditions. It is not intended to be injected or delivered intravenously.* Voted as #1 BEST in class post treatment solutions by leading medical practitioners!

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