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Post-Procedure Treatment Guide

April 22, 2024

In the world of aesthetic medicine, the more intense a treatment usually guarantees better results. Gentle facials can help refresh your skin and eliminate surface dead skin cells, but powerful laser resurfacing or microneedling treatments can transform your skin from the bottom up. 

These treatments can actively reverse deep-seated concerns, like triggering the production of new collagen and elastin to create a non-surgical facelift or breaking up scar tissue to promote the healing of new, smooth skin. 

However, the best skin procedures can also require a bit of downtime. How you care for your skin after a skin procedure or treatment will have a major impact on your results. In this post, we’ll outline exactly what you need to do and which products you should use to guarantee safer, faster healing. 


1. Avoid the Sun

The sun is one of the most destructive forces to which we expose our skin. After a microneedling or laser treatment, your skin is extra sensitive so you might be at a higher risk of sunburn. Any sun exposure could slow down your healing and disrupt your results. 

Try to avoid going outside at times when the UV index is very high. If you do have to spend time in the sun, keep the treatment area protected with a sunscreen that’s explicitly appropriate post-procedure (we have some suggestions below). For even better sun protection, add a UPF-rated hat or clothing. 


2. Take a Break From Intense Activities 

You’ll have to refrain from a fairly long list of intense activities after your treatment. Anything that raises your body temperature significantly can also increase the risk that you’ll have some sort of inflammatory reaction. 

These activities (include but aren’t limited to) taking hot showers, using saunas or hot tubs, or doing intense exercise. Your provider will let you know exactly how long you’ll need to take it easy. With some treatments, you might just have to take a break for a few days while with others it might be several weeks.


3. Use Post-Treatment Moisturizers

Keeping the skin thoroughly hydrated and protected is also an essential part of your post-treatment aftercare. Look for fragrance-free formulas designed specifically for sensitive skin or post-procedure care. 

The best post-treatment moisturizers will go beyond simple hydration, though. We recommend looking for formulas with proven barrier-repairing ingredients. These are ingredients that support your skin’s natural defence mechanisms, such as peptides that stimulate repair or ceramides and fatty acids that bolster your skin’s intracellular defence

Recommended products: 


4. Wear Sunscreen 

We already touched on the importance of sun protection when your skin is recovering from a rejuvenating or resurfacing procedure. Sunscreen is key, but choosing the wrong one may irritate your sensitized skin. Look for fragrance-free, mineral sunscreens which are usually gentler. 

Recommended products: 


5. Cleanse Gently 

Keeping your skin clean is also an important part of aftercare. That said, a very harsh or drying cleanser can strip your skin of all of the moisture it needs to recover. The best post-treatment cleansers contain hydrating ingredients, just like in a great moisturizer. They will help nourish your skin while removing impurities, to ensure a clean and healthy aftercare period. 

Recommended products: 


6. Introduce Skin Renewing Skincare Once Safe

Your continued results depend on your skincare routine. Once your skin has finished healing from its procedure, you can slowly reintroduce active skincare products with ingredients like retinoids or chemical exfoliants. 

Look for transformative products that’ll support your skin goals. Whether you’re trying to prevent or reverse signs of aging, clear acne or scarring, or reduce signs of sensitivity, your aesthetician at Discovery Laser can recommend a tailored routine that’ll suit your skin perfectly.


Get Support From Discovery Laser 

At Discovery Laser, we take a results-oriented approach. When you give us a call or visit us, we’ll work with you to come up with a treatment plan that will support your goals. Your post-procedure care process is a major part of that! 

We’ll help you develop a routine that’ll speed up your skin’s self-renewal processes so that you can enjoy more dramatic results and minimal side effects. If you’d like to learn more, go ahead and reach out to us

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