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Lip Fillers: Complete Guide to Lip Injections

September 5, 2023

Lip fillers are the perfect treatment for enhancing the lips, and they’re much more versatile than clients often realize! From volumizing the lips to erasing wrinkles and correcting asymmetry, there’s a lot that a lip filler injection can do… As long as it’s carried out by an expert practitioner!  

In this post, we’ll talk all about getting lip fillers, including what they are, what kind of results you can expect, how to care for lip fillers before and after, and how much lip fillers cost. Are you ready for your dose of plumpness? 


What Are Lip Fillers? 

Lip fillers are an injectable treatment that adds volume to the lips. The dermal filler is made of hyaluronic acid – yes, the same ingredient you can find in your favourite moisturizers and serums! 

Using a needle, the lip filler is injected into several key points in the lips, in order to achieve volume precisely where you want it. Most fillers also contain small amounts of lidocaine, which is an anesthetic that prevents pain during treatment. 

When people think of lip fillers, the first thing that comes to mind is very full, pillowy lips – indeed, the right type and quantity of filler can achieve that! That said, by injecting a small and targeted amount of natural filler, we can actually create subtle yet beautiful results. 

The hyaluronic acid used in fillers is cross-linked, which gives it a pliant gel texture. Slightly different production methods can result in slightly different textures, so some lip fillers are more fluid and spreadable while others are firmer. It’s up to your provider to choose the ideal lip filler based on your desired look. 

Using a more fluid lip filler, for example, can smooth out the lip texture and fill in any wrinkles or smoker’s lines that surround the lip line, without dramatically impacting volume.  


Benefits of Lip Injections

There’s a lot that lip fillers can do, especially when they’re wielded by expert injectors like our staff here in Campbell River. These are the main benefits lip injections can offer:


  • Plump the lips: With age, our lips often lose their volume and fullness, so lip fillers restore that youthful, alluring plumpness. 
  • Natural lip filler look: When applied sparingly and by someone with sufficient experience, lip fillers can look very natural and flattering. 
  • Correct asymmetry: If your lips are asymmetrical from side to side or top to bottom, lip filler can help correct that! Your injector will take your facial balance into account to ensure a more symmetrical and flattering smile.  
  • Erase wrinkles: Fluid lip fillers don’t over-volumize the lips, but they can fill in perioral wrinkles, which are the small but tightly-clustered wrinkles that often form around the mouth (sometimes referred to as smoker’s lines). 


Is Lip Filler Safe? 

Yes! Lip injection treatments like filler are regulated by Health Canada as medical devices. When injected by a trained medical professional, they are a safe and effective method for adding volume and reducing wrinkles. 

Hyaluronic acid, the material from which lip fillers are made, actually occurs naturally in the human body. It’s a safe material that the body metabolizes naturally over time. Incidences of allergic reactions to it are incredibly rare! 

In fact, the most common side effects of lip fillers, like swelling or slight bruising, are temporary and quick to resolve on their own. 


How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Generally, you can expect your lip fillers to last anywhere from nine months to two years. Different lip fillers last for slightly different time frames, and different bodies metabolize the hyaluronic acid differently. Of the fillers we offer at Discovery Laser, Juvederm is usually our most long-lasting option. 

With regular treatments, you may also find that the results of your lip injections last longer and longer. Over time, you might be able to come in for touch-ups less and less often, as the hyaluronic acid works to naturally pull more moisture into the treated area.   


Lip Fillers Before and After

Getting lip injections in Vancouver Island is a simple process, but we do have a few important care tips before and after your lip filler appointment.  

Before your lip filler appointment, make sure your lips and surrounding skin are in good shape, without any blemishes or irritation. Avoid taking any medications that have a blood thinning effect, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, for several days both before and after lip filler injections. Come to your appointment well-hydrated and with clean skin. 

After your lip filler injection, a bit of swelling or soreness is perfectly normal. The pain is quick to dissipate, but the swelling often takes at least a week to fade. You can use an ice pack to soothe the area. 

When treating your lip fillers after injection, keep things gentle. Avoid intense exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, or exposing your lips to hot beverages. Finally, try to limit friction against your lips, for example by sleeping on your back, ideally with your head elevated. 

To see our lip filler before and after gallery, check out our dermal fillers page. 


How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

The cost of lip fillers can vary depending on the kind of filler being used, as well as the quantity that’s injected. At Discovery Laser, fillers generally cost around $790* for a vial. 


Get Your Lip Fillers in Vancouver Island 

If you’re interested in getting lip filler in Vancouver Island, our team at Discovery Laser would be happy to answer your questions and create the lips of your dreams. We understand that many clients today prefer a more natural lip filler, but we can also create a lush, Hollywood-worthy pout if that’s the look you’ve always wanted. 

You can go ahead and book directly, or reach out to us if you have any questions!


*Prices subject to change 

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