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Flushing, redness, bumps, and mild tenderness – these are the most common signs that you might have rosacea. This sensitive skin condition makes life difficult as it’s hard to predict what will cause your next flare-up. Getting the visible signs of your rosacea to clear up will require a multi-pronged approach, and we offer a few treatments that can help!

Rosacea Causes 

There are a lot of theories as to the cause of rosacea. This inflammatory condition is largely related to the body’s immune response, and many experts believe it may also have to do with the overgrowth of Demodex mites on the face.  

Rosacea flare-ups, on the other hand, are often exacerbated by very clear triggers, like hot and cold temperatures, spicy food, alcohol consumption, exercise, sun exposure, and irritating skincare products. 


Best Treatments for Rosacea

Your rosacea treatment should look a little different depending on the severity of your condition. At Discovery Laser, we can create a customized rosacea treatment plan based on your level of sensitivity and the type of rosacea you’re experiencing.

Combining in-clinic treatment with the correct at-home skincare and medication will help you achieve clear, smooth, even-toned skin in no time!


Laser Treatments

Laser skin renewal therapy is a remarkably effective treatment for the main signs of rosacea like redness, bumps, and visible capillaries. Because of its highly targeted nature, laser can reduce the size and visibility of capillaries completely while also promoting a general reduction in redness through overall rejuvenation. This treatment also has anti-aging and brightening benefits, so it’s a great choice for the entire face.  

Sylfirm X

Sylfirm X is the latest innovation in ultra short pulse microneedling technology that ONLY REACTS to abnormal blood vessels and tissue to SELECTIVELY treat vascular lesions.  It is the ONLY RF Microneedling device approved to SAFELY tackle neovascularities including “hard to treat” conditions like rosacea.


One of our favourite solutions for rosacea is the OxyGeneo treatment.  Oxygenation is able to inhibit the activity of pathogens that contribute to rosacea while also improving capillary flow, to visibly address rosacea in a few different ways. 

By combining it with radiofrequency, we can achieve deeper skin renewal and stimulation, to trigger repair mechanisms that’ll make your skin smoother and more even-toned. 


Oxygen RX / Rosacea RX

Oxygen RX is an exclusive facial treatment suitable for all skin types. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vaso-constricting capabilities give instant results for Rosacea. The procedure is quick, easy and pleasant.
The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness.

Soothing Skincare & Medication

At home, following a soothing skincare routine can enhance the results of your treatments. Your skincare routine should involve gentle cleansers, fortifying moisturizers, soothing serums, and a mineral sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. 

Additionally, you may want to incorporate a doctor-prescribed topical rosacea treatment into your routine.

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Rosacea FAQ

Rosacea usually looks like redness across the center of the cheeks, the nose, the center of the chin, and the center of the forehead. With rosacea subtype 1, which is the most common form of rosacea, you may also notice visible capillaries or shallow bumps that can sometimes be confused for acne. 

There are 3 other types of rosacea that can look a little different, though: 

  • Subtype 2 papulopustular rosacea looks a lot like acne, but with bumps concentrated near the center of the face. 
  • Subtype 3 phymatous rosacea leads to increased skin thickness and often affects the nose (rhinophyma). This type responds well to laser resurfacing treatments. 
  • Subtype 4 ocular rosacea affects the eyes, leading to redness in the periocular area, dryness, and eye sensitivity. 


Clearing up rosacea completely often requires a few different methods. First, you’ll want to avoid your specific rosacea triggers, in order to protect the skin from inflammation. Next, your doctor can prescribe a topical rosacea treatment like azelaic acid or metronidazole. 

Finally, the best way to speed up results and achieve a significantly more even skin tone quickly is through medical aesthetic treatments like laser or OxyGeneo.