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Best Laser Hair Removal: What to Look For

September 18, 2023

Get the Best Laser Hair Removal Results With These Tips

Summer is over and fall is in the air! We get to pull on our cozy sweaters, watch the leaves turn, and sip on hot cocoa or pumpkin spice drinks. What’s not to love? The change in season also means that now is the perfect time to come for the best laser hair removal with Discovery Laser! 

But how can you actually make sure you have the most effective and comfortable laser hair removal experience possible, with minimal side effects and real results? In this post, we’ll cover all of the key tips for choosing your provider and caring for yourself, to guarantee you achieve lasting smoothness.  

The Best Laser Hair Removal Machines 

There are a lot of different laser hair removal technologies out there. The main ones are diode, alexandrite, Nd:YAG, and IPL (which isn’t technically a laser). While all of them could help you achieve hair reduction, we find that the best laser hair removal machines feature both alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser, like the dual-wavelength Candela GentleMax Pro that we use at Discovery Laser. 

What makes these lasers unique is that each one is highly effective at treating specific ranges of skin tones. Alexandrite lasers are exceptional at reducing hair in Fitzpatrick skin types 1 through 4 (i.e. fair to tanned skin), while the Nd:YAG is the most effective laser for skin types 5 and 6 (i.e., deeper skin tones). 

By comparison, diode lasers are gentle, so they can target more skin tones, but with a reduced efficacy for those with lighter skin, or a slightly higher risk of skin damage for those with deeper skin. 

Find the Best Laser Hair Removal Provider

Your service provider is even more important than the type of laser machine used. With the correct training and enough experience, laser hair removal technicians learn how to provide maximum results with minimal side effects. Take your time researching your local clinics, and reading reviews to make sure you’re getting treated by the best! 

Set Realistic Expectations

Yes, your provider and the laser hair removal machine matter. But you know what else matters for ensuring you have the best laser hair removal experience? You! 

To start, this means doing the research and having a realistic idea of what’s normal with laser hair removal. You might need as many as 10 or even 12 sessions before achieving a satisfactory level of hair reduction. 

For some (especially those whose hair growth is impacted by hormones) there will always be some stragglers that refuse to budge no matter what. So set your expectations appropriately, to help you stay motivated and prevent disappointment. 

No Tans (Fake or Otherwise)

A tan can seriously compromise your laser hair removal results. Unprotected sun exposure can damage the skin, which increases your chances of side effects – that’s why fall is such a good time for laser! 

You also need to avoid self-tanners, since any deepening of your skin will make the laser hair removal process less effective. If your tan is at all uneven, you’re at an even higher risk of damaging your skin. 

Shave a Day Before Your Appointment 

The laser beam has to penetrate deep into your hair follicle to do its job. To ensure it has an easier time doing that, shave on the day before your appointment. Otherwise, the laser will just burn the surface of the hair, and potentially also your skin. 

It’s ideal to shave around 24 to 48 hours before your appointment, to make sure the hair is as short as possible and that the skin isn’t irritated. 

Follow the Aftercare Instructions 

Following great aftercare is important – it’ll help you avoid side effects like burning or scarring. Your laser technician should give you a full list of instructions, but generally, here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind: 

  • Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen.
  • Avoid harsh, exfoliating, or fragranced skincare products while your skin is recovering.
  • Avoid intense workouts, steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs for at least 72 hours after treatment. 

Keep Up With Appointments 

Having the best laser hair removal results depends on consistency, more than anything else. It’s only while actively growing that hair can be impacted by laser, so it’s important to come in every four to six weeks, to ensure that we catch as much hair in the growth phase as possible. 

After each laser appointment, make sure to always book your next one. By sticking to your schedule, you can ensure you’ll reach your desired results soon enough. 

Best Laser Hair Removal at Discovery Laser

What makes Discovery Laser one of the best laser hair removal spots in Campbell River? For some of our clients, it’s our professionalism and exceptional level of experience. Our aestheticians and nurses know exactly what they’re doing, and how to do it safely. For others, it’s our clinic’s welcoming environment, where you’ll always feel like you’re visiting a good friend for a quick pampering. 

No matter who you are, we promise you that you’ll always feel incredible after giving us a visit. So if you’re ready to shed some unwanted hair, go ahead and book an appointment

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